The most beautiful traditional Chinese food -- A full meal with meat, vegetable & flour

frozen dumplings

Here at Sunshine Food Manufacturing Limited our range of Chinese dumplings is diverse. We have a range of flavours your customers are sure to love and offer natural and fresh products at affordable prices. Call us to find out about what we can offer and discover why we are the trusted  frozen food wholesalers for Chinese dumplings in  Auckland.

Frozen food wholesalers in Auckland


Chinese dumplings are ideal for students and busy professionals who don't have the time to cook a meal. A fast and convenient alternative, our frozen dumplings are healthy and delicious and only take 12 minutes to cook.

chinese dumplings

Natural and wholesome

The natural and wholesome ingredients used for our Chinese dumplings come from local suppliers. Made of meat, vegetables and pastry dumplings are a satisfying meal and are perfect all year round, whether in cold or warm months.

Frozen food wholesalers in Auckland

Range of flavours

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure. We believe nothing is more simple yet wonderfully tasty and filling as Chinese dumplings. The trusted Chinese frozen food wholesalers in Auckland we offer pork and cabbage dumplings, pork, chive and prawn dumplings and beef and onion dumplings.

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